Quality and Research Made in Italy


The Founder

"Oral hygiene deserves to be elevated to a daily ritual, it is a cult of the self, it is good habit, it is discipline. Oralae is the megaphone for this message." Antonella Sechi, designer and founder. 
Antonella finished her treatment at the orthodontist only in April 2021, and also for this reason she is committed today, through Oralae, to spreading the vision of oral hygiene as a tool for empowerment and self awareness. After her experience in the beauty startup segment she matured an horizontal vision of branding, undertakes to the goal of elevate oral care perception.


The Oralae formulas were created over a year of research and development, together with trusted laboratories who believed in the brand. They are second and third generation realities, made in Italy. Synonymous with quality, Italian know-how and above all, synonymous with great humanity. Dentists and hygienists from various practices contributed to the project. They have been crucial in the development of innovative products that are efficient, effective and gentle for the enamel.

Design Driven 

Design is both perception and emotion; it is function and performance; it is research and experience. Oralae is aimed at the curious, those pioneers who choose to surround themselves with significant artifacts. To those who carefully select the Made in Italy quality in objects and necessaires of daily use, to those looking for beauty in aesthetic gratification, both of an object and of a ritual.