We recommend that you always consult your dentist and hygienist for an informed and guided purchase.

For any other question, please write to: info@oralae.com.

Can I use the Oralae toothpaste every day?

Yes, except for specific needs identified by the orthodontic professional. Oralae toothpaste is formulated for daily use, several times a day. We recommend brushing your teeth three times a day, thirty minutes after meals.

Can I use the Oralae gingival gel every day?

Yes, except for specific needs identified by the orthodontic professional. It can be used every day at will. Its soothing active ingredients are a panacea for the well-being of the gums. We recommend using it at least twice a week, to keep the gums healthy, well hydrated and toned.

Can I use the Oralae anti-stain enamel serum every day?

No. Bamboo charcoal has a gentle stain remover property, however we recommend using the stain remover serum once every three days. Although delicate, the slight abrasiveness of its particles must be considered. Two applications a week are enough for a cleaning, polishing and satisfying treatment of our serum. 

Is the anti-stain enamel serum suitable for everyone?

No. We recommend that you consult your dentist / hygienist in case of sensitive teeth, porous teeth, teeth with prominent stains, dental treatment in progress (visible and invisible), deep grooves.

Why wait thirty minutes after eating before brushing your teeth?

It is better that brushing is done only after the saliva has restored mouth pH. This process takes about twenty to thirty minutes.

Why use the term "anti stain" and not "whitening"?

The term "anti stain" is the correct one to use in oral hygiene products that have a slightly abrasive property. Our serum does not alter the color of the enamel, it keeps it clean, preventing the formation of stains.

Are Oralae products suitable for infants?

To date, Oralae offering products do not comprehend formulas specifically designed to children. It is therefore necessary, for the use of all the products offered by Oralae, that the infant has already acquired the ability to rinse and knows how to properly expel the product. We suggest a consultation by your dentist and hygienist for use at a young age.

In this regard we also point out:

- The presence of sodium fluoride in the toothpaste (905 ppm);

- The slight abrasiveness of the Bamboo Charcoal Serum.

Can the products be used by pregnant women?

Yes, they can be used by pregnant women. We recommend consulting your dentist / hygienist in case of specific mouth peculiarity.

What are the shipping rates and terms?

We ship throughout the European Union. Shipping rate in Italy is € 5,13. Free shipping for purchases over € 48. EU / Extra-European shipping rate: € 15,53.

How do I do the separate collection of Oralae products?

You can find the references of the separate collection in our packaging. We summarize them below: toothpaste and gel tube: aluminum separate collection. Serum bottle and dropper: separate glass collection. Capsules: plastic separate collection. Boxes and cases: separate paper and cardboard collection.